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Briefing Report: Coconut Sounds Ltd.

Briefing Report: Coconut Sounds Ltd.


Any investment project generates effects or impacts of various kinds, direct, indirect and intangible external. The latter far exceed the possibilities of monetary measurement and still not consider it harmful and thus represent the moods and final satisfaction of the beneficiary population or injured. On the basis of the recommendations in the feasibility report, and have been included in the terms and reference for the feasibility study should define the project's technical aspects such as location, size, technology, implementation schedule and date commissioning. The feasibility study will be directed to the detailed and precise examination of the alternative that was considered viable in the previous stage. You must also refine those aspects and variables that can improve the project, according to their objectives as being sociable or profitability.

Economic valuation may be elements of a community perceived prejudice or benefit, but at the time of its weight in monetary units, it is impossible or very difficult to materialize. In today's economy are attempts to reach approximate measurement methods to address the qualitative, but always subject to a subjective assessment of reality.

Failure to deal with the subjective or intangible present in certain impacts of an investment may drift away from the best practice recommendation to decide, so it is appropriate to try some methods in qualitative insert. Investment Project

Before investing in the project the company needs to evaluate the system of capital budgeting and methods of investment project ways to introduce it as a technical and economic proposal for action to address a need by using a set of resources, which is a new machine. It is a written document formed by a series of studies that allow the entrepreneur who has the idea and the institutions that support it knows whether the idea is viable, can be performed and will gain.

Coconut Sounds aims to leverage resources to improve the living conditions of a community, may be short, medium or long term. It extends from the intention or thought of playing anything until the end or start normal operation. Investing in the project consists of four main studies.

Market Study

The goal of the company is to estimate its sales before investing into new project. The first is to define the product or service: What is it, What is the point?, What is their "unity" are parts, liters, kilos, etc..?, Then they should see what the demand for this product who buys and how much is bought in the city or area it is the "market."

Once determined, Coconut Sounds needs to consider the bid, i.e. competition where does that product market now, how many stores or shops there? Does it matter elsewhere?, You must make an estimate of how much supply. Supply and demand will be defined as what is offered, and at what price, this is the sales budget. A budget is a projection into the future.

Technical Study

The objective here is to design and produce what is ...
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