Building A Computer

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Building A Computer

Building a Computer

It is increasingly popular to build you own computer. Many people from doctors to college students build their own computers everyday. Understanding how computers are put together will help in the future if you need to make repairs or changes at a later time. (Scharnagl, Weston, 2005) Building your own computer allows you to make the decisions on what type of components are being used in putting the computer together to assure higher satisfaction.

There are easy steps to building your own computer:

Determine the materials you will need.

What is it team want to do with team computer? When team have decided this, team will need to determine the specific needs - such as power, storage or gaming - team have for team computer and make a list of all the components and tools required for the project. Research the hardware and the software needed to provide for team determined needs. (Watkins, 2002) Most of the time, this will require team to read some of the manufacturers manuals. Once team know what components will be compatible, decide if team are going to use refurbished, used components or new components. (Scharnagl, Weston, 2005) Be sure to test all the used components because they will sometimes have little or no warranty. Most components that are older than two years old are not worth using because they may be incompatible with some newer parts.


Team may want to configure team motherboard using the product manual settings. When team configures the motherboard, this is referring to setting the jumpers on the circuit board to perform certain functions that are required for proper operation. Don't worry, most of the time these come already pre-assembled on the circuit board. (Watkins, 2002) Next, install the CPU (the brain of the computer and ...
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