Building A People Strategy

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Building a People Strategy

Building a People Strategy


America West Airlines is a major US carrier serving more non-stop destinations from Phoenix, with greater frequency than any other airline. The carrier initiated service in 1983 with just three aircraft. Today, America West provides low-fares and full-service with modern, fuel-efficient aircraft and posts annual revenues of more than $2 billion. With over 800 daily departures, its route system includes 92 destinations across the US, Mexico, and Canada (

Vision and Mission statements

Mission statement

America West Airlines is committed to deliver best experience and highest standards quality by exceeding customers expectations and innovative of service level, and providing a safe and finest service environment for our guests as well as employees and the airline industry.


As the world's most experienced airline, America West will continue to strive and achieve excellence in catering to the people needs in air transportation by providing superb carrier experience to them.

Products and services

The core business of America West Group is its carrier business. Domestically, their flight operations operate over 580 flights a week. The other non-carrier businesses include Frequent Flyers, Airports, Catering, America West Engineering, America West Freight, America West Defence Services and America West Holidays, America West Group Flight Training, which is value-added to its core carrier activities.

External Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

Using the PESTEL analysis, it allows the organization to assess the external environment, developing opportunities and avoid issues of threats (David 2007).


Governments have serious consideration about the safety of aviation. All Indonesian airlines and several from Bulgaria, Ukraine and Angola are banned or blacklisted from carrier in to Europe because of the safety issues (BBC News 2007). This benefits America West as one of the safest airline around to maintain its profit margin by carrier in to various destinations in Europe.


After its strongest growth in almost a decade, new data shows that The American tourism industry is now worth $85 billion to the country's economy. With more and more tourists travelling internationally or domestically, America West as the America local airline clearly benefits by its strong brand name and safe airline to be the first choice carriers in carrier in or out of America and help to contribute to the country's economy.


More than 90% of America West's employees are based in America. America West prioritize not only on safety, but also the employees' welfare. The emotion of employees can generate the faithfulness, greater service quality and increase the work productivity of the workers. America West is also employing the first inhabitants of America, the Indigenous. This proves that America West really values and give priority to American very own inhabitants to work together with them and bring the name of America West to the next level.


Innovation is what America West has always been doing and they are making use of technology to differentiate them from other airline, such as pioneering the introduction of SMS and email capabilities on domestic flights. The introduction of this new technology will make the future customers, especially business travellers more convenient because the ...
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