Buildings In Leicester

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Buildings in Leicester

Buildings in Leicester: The first building is: old ex Great Central Railway Station in Leicester.

The railway traversed built-up Leicester on the 190ft broad Staffordshire azure clay brick viaduct, incorporating the sequence of fine girder bridges. In the minutia usual of high measures to which London elongation was constructed, abutments of girder bridges that crossed public streets were bordered in white-glazed tiles to boost level of light under bridges. In total viaduct was in surplus of the mile and the half in extent and it was upon this that Leicester centered station would be constructed. At time of construction, station was largest lone building to be erected in Leicester.

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The viaduct's building required the large area of land to be came by compulsory buy with GCR acquiescing to re-house at its own total cost inhabitants of round 300 houses which had to be demolished; area principally affected by works was working class Blackfriars locality (near modern day Frog Island), where slums in Sycamore Lane, Charlotte road and Friars street were solely swept from map, to be restored by Great Central Street. Around 250 houses were constructed in newfound pool to west of Leicester.

The position was built inside the south-west opposite rectangle, bordered on one side by Blackfriars road and Jarvis road and on other edge by new large Central Street. The pathways ran north-east to south-west, crossing A50 Northgate road on the 'bowstring' girder bridge before splaying out on either edge of the large 1,245ft H-shaped island-style stage upon which position was built. Six running lines flanked either edge of position; 'up' lines on one edge and 'down' lines on other, with embayments at either end to accommodate local workings to Nottingham and Rugby. A parcels office and stabling point for locomotives ...
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