Business Case Analysis: Marriott

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Business Case Analysis: Marriott

Business Case Analysis: Marriott

SWOT Analysis

Marriott International (Marriott or 'the company') is a global hospitality company that operates and franchises hotels and lodging facilities. The company with its global presence and strong brand recognition is a formidable player in the international lodging market. However, the threats of terrorist attacks could hamper the company's international operations.


Technical innovations to ease the business process and increase hassle-free experience for the customers Higher brand recognition and recall makes the company priority choice for clients Global presence and strong brand portfolio diversifies the revenue sources


Strong growth in the hotel and motel industry in emerging markets Improving hospitality market in the US Brand innovations and expansion


Business model which has the potential to dilute the brand perception and limit the revenue growth High debt burden will affect the future capital generation and expansion projects


Vulnerability to terrorist attacks raises security and safety concerns Fragmented and intensely competitive lodging industry.

Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)

External Factor Evaluation Matrix of Marriott

Following is the External factor Evaluation Matrix developed in alignment with the vision statement as well as all separate announced values, beliefs, social responsibility:

1. Customers

Guests from all over the world.

2. Product & services


3. Markets

All over the world where Marriottt properties exist

4. Technology

N/A or can be assumed.

5. Concern for growth, survival

Marriottt is committed to strive to grow & survive competition in order to reach his ultimate dream to be the world's leader.

6. Philosophy

Marriottt “Spirit to Serve”:

- Our Associates

- Our Guests

- Our community

7. Self Concept

Marriottt way - Marriottt experience: “we do whatever it takes to provide associates with the utmost opportunities & our customers with superior service.”

8. Concern for public image

Social responsibility & community engagement, Marriottt support:

- Shelter & food

- Environment, working towards a greener, healthier planet.

- Readiness for hotel careers

Educating & training the next generation through class room sessions with on-the-job hotel experience for more promising future.

- Vitality for children

Answering the needs of sick & impoverished children is a heartfelt desire of Marriottt employees around the world. Most funds are raised in collaboration with guests, business partners & employees.

- Embracing Global Diversity & inclusion

This diversity strengthens Marriottt culture & surely provides a competitive advantage. Moreover Marriottt have been working for many years with community based disability organizations to help train people with disability to join Marriottt workforce.

9. Concern for employees

Marriottt philosophy: “Take a good care of the associates; they will take a good care of the guest”.

Marriottt guarantee and provide the following for his associates around the world:

- GROW:Through on-the-job training, programs to prepare them to lead & manage the multi cultural workforce.

- REWARD: Award of Excellence established in 1987 as a lasting tribute to company founder J. Willard Marriottt's ideals of achievement, character, dedication, effort, and perseverance. It is presented each year to a select few who demonstrate these ideals through providing outstanding service, consistently exceeding expectations, leading by example and ...
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