Business Continuity Plan

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Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan


In order to overcome the issue of healthcare and nutrition in society, a new healthcare centre aim would be to take an exceptional care of people who are suffering from deadly diseases.


As per me, the top five areas of concern for this Health Care and Nursing Home could be:

Implications of Project Management

I think that no organization can survive without the intervention of successful project management. Project management facilitates the process of change and creates value it is a key factor for business innovation and change that will help the nursing centre to gain competitive advantage and improve the culture, effectiveness and efficiency. These changes range from the integration, restructuring and developing new initiatives within the nursing home, customers, suppliers and strategic partners. In addition, the proper project management in the nursing home shuold provide the desired results such as improvement of the project quality, andserve as a mean of resolving problems. Similarly, the successful project management will provide better control of changes, will encourage the relationship between all stakeholders, reduces the struggle of power among key actors and ultimately will improves the accelerated project delivery i.e. functioning. The project management will leads to profitability when the nursing home succeeds in developing the positive image in the minds of the customers i.e. patients, doctors, nurses etc (Eugene, 1998). Despite these results, organizations must be committed to a culture of effective practices by creating a work environment that fosters team cohesiveness.

Promotional, Advertising and Media Publicity Strategy

The key strategy for making the healthcare centre attractive to the target audience is to pilot the services with a small set of providers and then improve the service based on lessons learned. Attractive advertising and promotional activities will help the nursing home to retain the customers through building the brand loyalty. Once the customers perceived that this nursing home believes on the customer's maximum personal satisfaction, then the chain of loyal customers will take place. I suggest that the nursing home must base its marketing strategy on an informative pamphlet displaying the activities of the healthcare center such as modern high tech medical equipment, availability of the specialists 24/7 etc (Eugene, 1996). This pamphlet must be distributed in shops, shopping centers, and offices. Billboard advertising can be effective for such business. I will emphasize on the point that the benefits of nursing care centre should be illustrated through existing communication tools ...
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