Business Law Final Exam

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Business Law Final Exam

Business Law Final Exam

Case 1

Multiple Choices:

(a) the jurisdiction of federal courts are available in every state, in fact, majority of legal disputes in U.S courts are usually addressed in the separate court systems and state courts have jurisdiction over all the cases involve personal injury.

(a) As mentioned in the case, Windell Hotel and Travel companies do not have any branch or business in Colorado so it would be difficult for Jones to file a suit against foreigner's business activities.

(d) As a matter of fact that Windell Corporation has an exclusive agency contract with Jennifer Tours and that both the companies were in contract regardless of the owner being minor at the time of booking.

(b) Jennifer Hooley, the mother, was the legal owner at the time of creating contract with Jones and the law of contract states that contract cannot be generated by the minor, Jennifer Hooley, the daughter. So the mother is responsible for Jones' injury.

(d) The main purpose of the advertisement was to gain customers' attention by wrong selling of products and services.

Short Answer:

If the Uniform Act on contracts is applicable to all contracts, both civil and commercial (Recommended), it should, however, highlight the specific system consumer contracts. The draft Uniform Act enshrines the latter introduces a set of rules to the relationship between businesses and consumers, which deviate from certain provisions of the Uniform Act on contracts.


Buyer provides various means to protect their interests, that is, the application of sanctions to the property to the seller for non-delivery or delay in delivery, delivery of items with defects in quality or quantity, and for some other violation.

When non-delivery of the goods on time and outstanding customer for protection before a court or tribunal is facing skills appropriate action vehicles: evaluation of the circumstances - as the seller refuses to fulfill a contractual obligation, or just delay it for transferring product. This will determine the nature of sanctions.

In case of delay in recognition of the buyer is entitled to demand that the seller the obligation in kind, that is, the transfer of goods and compensation considered as monetary losses. Failure to supply the contractual term does not, as a general rule, the right to terminate the contract, except when the period specified in the contract, is regarded as an essential condition of the contract, beyond which the buyer loses all interest in the subject of the contract.

If the non-delivery of goods qualifies as the seller refuses to perform this duty under the contract that is recognized as a fundamental breach of the contract, the buyer is entitled to demand cancellation of the contract with all related legal consequences. Under the law of UCC, the purchaser can withdraw from the contract if:

a) Failure in life can be regarded as a fundamental breach of contract, or

b) The seller does not deliver the goods within the additional period of reasonable time fixed by the buyer.

Requirements of the buyer to the seller on the ...
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