Business Plan For Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger

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Business Plan for Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger

Business Plan for Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger


The Solar Power industry has experienced bright days over the five years to 2011. Generous government incentives have pushed revenue growth by providing tax credits for investing in solar power and by enacting renewable portfolio standards (RPSs). These standards, enacted in 29 states, require local utilities to generate electricity from renewable power as a percentage of their total energy portfolio. Increased interest in green technology also influenced industry performance by sparking interest in technologies that displace (Nakicenovic, Grubler & McDonald, 2008).

The product that we are supposed to launch is Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger. The mobile solar chargers are external batteries that have solar panels to absorb solar energy, transform it into electrical energy and store it to use it to recharge your mobile devices anywhere, anytime. The mobile solar chargers consist of one or two solar panels of about 1W to capture energy from the sun and transform it into electrical energy. It is therefore self-sufficient a device that can transform environmental and clean energy free from the sun into electrical energy. With solar chargers for mobile, you'll extend the range of your mobile device without the need to always be near a power conventional. Solar technology is being developed to use your mobile device without relying on the grid.


The mobile solar charger is designed to thousands of profits and it does not limit the charger to be near a plug to recharge the phone, but it can be used anywhere and anytime, while you're at a coffee shop in the metro the beach, the mountains or just sitting on a bench. It necessarily has to be sunny to proceed to load the mobile because it has an internal battery to recharge the cell phone while you are in a closed and dark energy using previously recorded.

Being a small photovoltaic and small size, the solar charger for mobile has become a source of portable power products and practices to increase their mobility and autonomy of their terminal while reducing their dependence on the grid. The mobile solar charger has an internal battery can reach store approximately 1000 to 5000 mAh which provides 1 to 4 full charges of any mobile phone.

The performance of solar chargers for mobile phones are usually multiple but most have solar charge indicator, adjustable voltage and indicator of battery status so you always know the status of your solar charger. They can also charge by solar energy can be supplemented using the USB power so you can ensure full battery charge in unsuitable conditions.

The mobile solar charger should be exposed to sunlight for several hours, after which accumulate enough energy in its internal battery to charge a mobile phone. Once fully charged operation becomes like that of an external battery and can charge your mobile even at night, as the solar charger for mobile use the power it has accumulated during the hours of sun ...
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