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Arabic Restaurant

Arabic Restaurant


A business proposal is a working document that sets objectives and strategies of a company with the basic requirements, projects and operations for a specific time frame includes all. This paper is based on the Arabic Restaurant business that the owner is going to start in US.

Form of Ownership of the Business

The form of the ownership undertaken by the business would be that of sole proprietorship. The business will be run by one individual who would be the sole owner of the entire business.

Starting a new Business

Starting a new business rather than buying into a new business is a better option because of the fact that starting a new business from scratch allows the owner to mould his business as per his strategies. On the other hand, buying into a new business and then shaping it as per the person's idea is a difficult task.

Business Idea

The business idea is ensuring the enrichment of our customer's lives by offering them delicious, healthy, best quality of food and creating an enjoyable and relaxing environment for customers. Moreover, introducing and fostering a love of delicious and healthy cuisine in the area.

Business Research

Arabic Restaurant is an US based business that specializes in Arabic food. The dishes are based on the customer's tastes. The typical customer is either someone who has come with a friend or relative to enjoy some time together, or someone who fond of eating Arabic food. Arabic Restaurant is a unique business opportunity that will allow combining the excellent taste of Arabic foods with the Arabic traditions in the US.

Additionally, by offering, traditional foods, Arabic Restaurant will win over customers because of the great deal of flexibility.  Arabic Restaurant will gain a loyal customer base through a customer-centric business model. This business model makes the customer's satisfaction the highest priority. Arabic Restaurant will leverage its competitive advantage of a customer-centric business model to rapidly gain market share in the custom cuisine niche.

Product Description

The product is basically the food items provided by Arabic Restaurant. There are varieties of dishes offered by Arabic Restaurant for its customers. Apart from pure Arabic food items, the Arabic Restaurant also offers its customers with a blend of Arabic and eastern food.

Marketing Plan

Arabic Restaurant uses a model as a decision-making tool, which may also aid in decisions on related marketing issues. For instance, what affect does one promotion have on other food items produced? Or, what happens if the dates on the promotion are altered slightly, to move the incremental sales to other weeks? Also, is the promotion running simultaneously with a promotion run by another division or segment of the company? As managers begin to analyze the impact of marketing decisions on the entire supply chain, these decisions become part of the overall product strategy for the company (Baker & Hart, 1989).

The US is undergoing various demographic changes that should be well known in order to make the plan as practical as ...
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