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Importance of productive enterprise Communication

Importance of Effective Business Communication

Communication performances an significant part in the achievement or failure in any company. For a company to succeed, the correct communication tools and processes must be present and used appropriately. There are numerous methods of connection and they can be broken into verbal and non-verbal categories. Verbal methods of communication encompass face-to-face, phone and video conferencing. Non-verbal methods are in writing (memos, email, faxes) and gestures or body language.(Joaquin, 2008)

Company owners converse to and correspond with a number of external enterprise aides each day. They range broadly from merchandise suppliers to manufacturers to the media in some cases. Product suppliers are contacted by enterprise proprietors and group members to talk about diverse facets of the goods they will sell. These are the companies who supply the company with their products, and a positive relationship is thus very important. Product manufacturers are furthermore communicated frequently by CEOs and owners to talk about certain facets of the products. These encompass features and important physical properties of each merchandise being manufactured. Here, details are discussed surrounding the specific information manufacturers will require in alignment to rendezvous the end results that are desired.

The media is a absolutely distinct animal altogether. Business owners require advertisers and reporters to take care of all merchandise promotions. This is a vital part of the launch of any new merchandise, and/or even to the business as a whole. The media will arrive simultaneously to let the public understand about the company and the products or services that will be offered. Business owners must communicate with the media on an ongoing basis in alignment to take advantage of all promotional opportunities that arise.


Data Collection Methods

This research approached data gathering using the multi-method strategy, or the combination of quantitative and qualitative ...
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