Capitalism Vs. Socialism

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Capitalism vs. Socialism

Which is a better economic platform, to run a country financially socialism or capitalism?

In my opinion the antithesis of capitalism is socialism. All socialist societies are fundamentally the same. The basic value of a socialist society is death, as opposed to life in a capitalistic society. Socialism condemns the idea that man possesses inalienable rights to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The basic premise of man's morality is changed from man is an end in himself, to the Premise that man does not live for his own sake, but for the sake of others. Its political corollary is dictatorship. Its economic corollary is socialism.

Under socialism, the state is considered omnipotent and omniscient; it is supreme. There are no individual rights; the rights to life, liberty, and happiness are denied. There are no property rights, and beyond the sphere of private property and the free market lie the sphere of force and coercion. Individual freedom is denied. The only right allowed, because it cannot be denied, is the right to commit suicide. As far as I know, Capitalism is the only moral economic system because it respects individual rights and guarantees individual freedom. Socialism is a corrupt system because it denies individual rights and prohibits individual freedom. A man with no freedom is a slave to those who control his freedom. Philosophically, the choice between capitalism and socialism is a choice between freedom and slavery (Brady, 1971).

Socialism promises that if men will give up their individual rights to the state, the state will see to it that all men will be equal. Man will be free from want; he will be secure. The state will take care of everyone. Another word employed to mean equally is egalitarianism. Socialists use it to mean not equality before the law, which already exists in the United States, but to mean inequality for all and equality and prosperity for the chosen few. Only capitalism protects the freedom, the rewards and incentives for every person achievement, each to the extent of his ability and ambition, thus raising the intellectual, moral, and economic state of the whole society.

Socialism produces not prosperity, but poverty, not security but insecurity. Socialists try to subvert and undermine capitalistic societies, always with the excuse of taking care of the people or for the public good. Socialism produces poverty, hunger, and misery, nothing else. All promises to the contrary are lies. An economy is too complex for nay government to manage successfully. There are three main reasons: first, no individual or government is omnipotent and/or omniscient: second, purpose of the socialist government is to create stability when in reality no stability exists; nothing is perpetual hut change; third, it is impossible to satisfy all the consumers' demands. In a constantly changing world, man makes hundreds of thousands of decisions in his lifetime—some simple, some complex; some right, some wrong. No group can choose the right answer for thousands of decisions for millions of people (Bramsted, ...
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