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Case Study: April

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Case Study: April

Part A

Answer 2: Resilience and adaptive and maladaptive functioning

The term resilience in the psychology of the general physical and mental resources referred to mobilize a person can order acting on objective stressors to respond. Ability to use these resources as resilience means. The psychological resilience describes the property of a person, whereas the stress describes the stressor (Edwards, 2010). The term resilience refers to how a person subjectively psychophysically robust and sturdy, describes what is not necessarily associated with actual strength are the most. Power loading, therefore, as the willingness to expose them to extraordinary psycho-physical stress. Whether a situation subjectively perceived as stressful, depends strongly on the cognitive assessment of this situation by starting from the individual concerned.

The case April suggests that the resilience is a phenomenon psychological which is for an individual affected by an injury, to take note of the traumatic event, never to live in depression. Resilience made possible by the early structuring of the personality, with positive experiences of childhood (before the confrontation with potentially traumatic events), and sometimes by thinking or speech, more rarely by the medical staff of a therapy (Deveson, 2003). Psychology resistance, is any act or attitude opposite to the therapeutic setting, or from the focus analytic, as opposed to accessing its contents analyzed unconscious. From a general point of view, behavior of resistance is an oppositional behavior of an individual against another, which can be positive or negative. It is negative when it acts as opposition to the welfare and collective self (Robert Brooks, 2004). It is positive when preserves productive habits despite the opposition of the environment, for example, when a child always washes his hands though his classmates do not. Resilience is dynamic, and among the processes that contribute to resilience, it was able to identify eight:

The defense-protection;

Balance the face of tensions;

Commitment to Conquer;



The meaning and evaluation;

Positivity of self;


Walsh's keys to family resilience

Former Walsh wrote in his book of 2006, named “Strengthening Family Resilience”, that “we have come to realize that resilience is an ongoing interaction between nature and nurture, encouraged by a relationship ... supportive interpersonal ties play a major role in shaping neuronal connections in the spirit born.” He also said that the relationship of the family is different as compare to anyone else. He said that, “the common belief systems transmitted by family interactions are strong influences in resilience. Adaptation of Children of crisis events and disruptive transitions influenced by the meaning of the experience, which mediated by parents' understanding and communication.” The way a family can reduce the stress is different from any other way (Mourning, 2009). Thus, he recommended that the family resilience is better than any other in the world. Even the case study suggests that the family resilience is important to maintain.

Answer 3: Freud's structural model

The structural model of personality “Sigmund Freud (1856 -1939),” is the centerpiece of his general theory of personality. The human personality then characterized by three psychic instances: superego, ego ...
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