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Case study

Case study

Background to the circumstances

Mr and Mrs Washington has a major problem of poverty. Poverty at a national level means a country may have insufficient economic resources to invest in education, health, infrastructure, political and legal systems and public institutions, which can lead to instability and civil unrest. An extreme number of diseases appear more often in less developed countries. This is due to the dreadful conditions that they live in. If they are unable to receive the basic necessitates of life, they will become venerable to numerous diseases.

Old age disease is a life and death issue. To have the old age disease is a sentence of slow but inevitable death.

Social factors

Poverty is the state of being without the necessities of daily living, and often associated with need, hardship and lack of resources across a wide range of circumstances. Poverty has wide-ranging and often devastating effects. Many of its effects, such as malnutrition and starvation, exposure to infectious diseases and mental illness and dependence to drug, result directly from having too little income or too few resources. As a result of poor nutrition and health problems, infant mortality rates among the poor are higher than average, and life expectancies are lower than average.

People who grow up in poverty may experience life long problems because of it. They are at a disadvantage in things such as education because they have limited income and resources. All children also need adequate nutrition and health care for good physical and mental development, and poor children are often malnourished and sick from a young age. Mental illness and drug dependence demonstrate the difficulties of distinguishing between poverty's causes and its effects. Mentally ill and drug-dependent people tend to have trouble holding steady jobs and maintaining relationships, causing them to fall into poverty.

They may also have difficulty lifting themselves out of poverty. In addition, poverty tends to perpetuate itself. In many cases, those who had poor parents are poor themselves, earning lower-than-average incomes. They may also have learned a mindset that keeps them from getting out of poverty. All of these negative long term effects are much more likely to occur if children experience prolonged poverty, an unfortunate circumstance much more likely to affect minority children.

People have dissimilar ways of coping with consequences that adhere to poverty, therefore, they either apply efforts to relieve some of the difficulties, or further aggravate the situation. Husbands in both cases, worsen the already miserable circumstances for their families. The wives improve the difficulties by sacrificing their standards of dignity and class. The children in Angela's Ashes are not concerned with right or wrong and will do anything that will be of benefit for the family, whereas the children in Stone Angel cannot assist in easing their poor family. Misfortune and poverty were the consequences of The Great Depression, consequently causing families, in both Limerick and Manawaka, to suffer the underprivileged outcome.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) “Primary health care ...
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