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A Case Study on: An Individual/Sports person wishing to lose 8 to 10 pounds

A Case Study on: An Individual/Sports person wishing to lose 8 to 10 pounds


Development of science and technology has helped the human being and it is a great progress of human civilization. Over the years, technological advances have made new ways and opening up in the way of the medical science which already has proved to be very important. It has been studied by the various researchers that the major vice or the most important problems in today's society is the presence of obesity. In almost all the countries of the world, the rise of fatness is a major issue, such as the United States and other countries like Britain; more than 60% of adults are overweight. Even more alarming fact is that not only adults are affected but the current trends specify that obesity in children is usual. There are indications that contribute to the community in the current obese for several reasons. A major key reason behind this is a poor manner of life. (Nordmann, Nordmann, Briel, 2006, 93-285)People in the current world suffering from extreme pressure and stress of work and they spent less time into fitness or any form of exercise. On the contrary food is utilized as a junk food as many people now days like junk food, which is very harmful, if the calories consumed on a regular basis, can include a huge increase in leading others to become within the body of excess fat. For that reason, it is obvious that in such type of state of affairs, the only way to lose weight means. (Fung, Van Dam, Hankinson, Stampfer, Willett, 2010, 289-298)

Some can be assumed to make certain changes in the effective weight loss through various modes or means. Many have been reviewed for an individual to make a proper diet plan for an individual and the experimental diet can be like the Zone Diet program, Dr. Heller's Carbohydrate addicts diet programs, Atkins diet program , diet programs volume, which can be choose or taken by individuals help to make sure effective excessive diet and loss of weight. In addition, there are a number of diet drugs in the market, quite the temptation to the consumers because they ensure rapid loss of weight, it is easy to consume available. In this case, however, it is essential to mention the use of these dietary supplements are not always safe, so there is a need for any of these products prior to investment in appropriate research. Additionally, according to the U.S. (Howard, Manson, Stefanick, 2006, 39-49) Drug and Food Administration to provide guidance, in this case is also very helpful. However, most effective means to lose weight is to maintain a balanced diet and rigorous exercise prescription along means.


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Dean was a former football player. He had been practicing for nearly 25 years of sport as a professional level. His body was taught to consume a large amount ...
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