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Case Study

Q : 1

No one can deny the role of the quality service in the success of hotel business. It is hotel manager's responsibility to find out, what is exactly the customer requirement and develop some strategies to come up with customer expectations. Managers are responsible to identify the exact customer requirement, dimension of the quality service and the importance of the requirement to the hotel success. Ritz-Carlton can use different ways to monitor its success in achieving quality. Quality service has received a substantial attention over the past years. Gap model is one of the main theatrical approaches that can be used by Ritz-Carlton. According to this theory, the gap between expected service and the perceived service brings the reduction of quality service. According to this approach there may be different kinds of gaps between expected service and the perceived service. The gaps are: (Santos 2009)

• Wrong perception of management regarding customer expectation

• Wrong service quality specifications by the management

• The gap between delivered service and external communication to customers

The other approach that can be used in Ritz-Carlton hotel is total quality management. In this approach, managers try to come up with customer expectation through a continuous improvement.

Key elements of TQM:-

• A total Process involving all operations management units in the organization,and led from the top.

• The Customer as king with every strategy, process and action directly related to satisfying customers' needs.

• A great emphasis on a different rational information collection and analysis using modern technologies where appropriate.

• An emphasis on a different approach to looking at the costs of poor quality by examining all process in the organization which add to costs.

• A greater involvement of people, recognizing that they are a great untapped resource in most companies.

• Teamwork as crucially important, involving multi discipline and multi level working to solve problems and to meet customer needs.

• The requirements for creative thinking and the ability to think beyond immediate job or work environment. (Kandampully 2008)

Quality Assurance

Some properties have quality assurance programs that are directed by a quality assurance director and committee. Committee members are often such employees like department managers, assistant department managers, and other key personnel. Quality assurance does not mean higher costs; it means better use of existing resources. Virtually every aspect of quality assurance program depends upon people, not expensive equipment or materials.

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Hotel must rapidly respond to a ...
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