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Case Study

Case Study

Amanda Smith,

Smith's Accounting and Tax Service.

Dear Amanda,

I am writing this letter to you in response to our request to me for acting as a management consultant for you. After going through your case, I will provide you with a few recommendations in relation to management practices in this letter. Following are the recommendations that I would like to suggest to you.

Mission statement is one of the most important aspects in the planning phase of the business management process. Although, numerous training and leadership training for managers emphasize the role and importance of a well-formulated mission and values, it appears that many companies are just empty, meaningless words. To put it very simply, Mission and Values define who we are, where we are going and how we get there. They create and reinforce brand image and bonded integrating all employees and all operations into one unit resulting in synergies. A well defined mission and values allow making appropriate choices for investment decisions, directions and even the development of the organization for hiring the right people to work. Therefore, it can be said that if a mission statement not developed or not shared with the employees, it will then create vagueness in the minds of the workforce employees and even in the minds of the people of the management of the organization. This is said because, without a mission statement, the workforce employees and management of the organization will not be sure of the fact that what the organization wants to achieve, in which direction does it want to go and how it wants to achieve its goals and objectives. For an organization to achieve its goals and in order for them to be successful in achieving their goals, it is important for them to develop their mission and values, along with communicating them with the employees. Therefore, in the end, it can also be said that planning is the most essential part of the business management process, which will not be up to the mark, if the missions and values of the organization have not been developed, as these are the heart of the management process. Therefore, it recommends that it is important for Amanda Smith to develop its mission statement and with her employees (Gomez-Mejia, Luis, et al., 2008).

A resource is a source or supply which produces profit. Typically, material or other resources are assets that processed to produce profit and in the process can be consumed or no longer be available. From a human perspective, a natural resource is any item obtained from the environment to meet human needs and desires. From a viewpoint broader ecological or biological, a resource meets the needs of a living organism. From a business point of view, it is important to manage the resources and allocate them according to the requirements and needs of a task. This is said because of the fact that if the resources are not managed effectively, this will in turn create a loss of ...
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