Case Study - Change At Dupont

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Case Study - Change at DuPont

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Case Study - Change at DuPont


A well-known cliché affirmed that, “Nothing is eternal apart from change”. It is very important for businesses to have a smooth process of change such as shift from constancy to revolutionary. The scenario of DuPont has profoundly embedded three approaches namely Organizational Development, Appreciative Inquiry, and Sense Making, and was perceived as synergistic and compatible to each other. The case study demonstrates that these up-to-the-minute fashions have a positive and better effect in the process of change of a company in comparison to the traditional public solving expertise.


The main focus in DuPont case study is undoubtedly organizational development. The vision of Tom is to improve the organizational standards rather than emphasizing on current problems. The anticipated outcomes for the organizational structure of DuPont were improving for the betterment of employees and company. Tom desired to growth to enhance productivity of employees and company for the long-term sustainability of a company. Hence, Tom seemed to demonstrate all the essential skills required to drive the desired change (Cacioppe, 2000).

Appreciative inquiry, determines the best practices in order to build understanding, which facilitate in designing and developing what could be attained in the future. It seems that the metaphor of southern stock-car racing was predominately employed to demonstrate teamwork; however, was also the way for achieving it. It is very difficult to introduce new system among employees when they are familiar and comfortable with current one.

Sense-making facilitates in stressing on the change importance by engaging a problem solving technique, as the ongoing processes accomplishment for building framework to demonstrate how they have an effect on organizational changes' understanding in the organization. For instance, another language is being introduced when Tom and the ...