Case Study-Role Of Vision At Mentor Graphics

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Case Study-Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics

Case Study-Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics

1. Introduction

a. Strategic Change Initiative

Making critical change happen can be challenging in any size organization. Obviously, when a large company decides to make a significant change, it requires a coordinated, cross-functional effort to succeed. Even in smaller organizations that are light on their feet, changes that involve more than one group must be well orchestrated and have the active support of all of the groups involved.

A strategic initiative is one that responds to an issue that, when resolved, will have a significant impact on the organization's results, and requires cross-functional support to succeed.

b. The Vision Concept and Strategic Change Initiative in Mentor Graphics

The vision statement is a picture or story of an organization's future and what the organization is going to become. There had been various strategic change initiatives at Mentor graphics and they have had changed their vision according to that. However, each time their vision statement remains somewhat unfulfilling the core requirement that can satisfy the customers, shareholders and employees. We will discuss every vision statement that came from time to time and point out the flaw in the statement. In the conclusion, we will present our suggested vision, mission and strategy that Mentor Graphics must follow.

2. Application Analysis

The first unarticulated vision by Mentor Graphics was “Build Something that People Will Buy”. This statement is flawed in two terms. First, this does not depict what the organization want to become, or where they want to reach in terms of organizational success. Secondly, it does not tell any thing about the quality of the developed product or service or solution. It simply means they are going to make what the customers want and will not bring ...