Cell Phone Towers

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Cell Phone Towers

Question 1: Cell phone Towers and its harm

The security of mobile phone towers is the subject of comprehensive technical debate. There is an increasing body of technical clues that they emit electromagnetic emission, even at reduced grades, it still is unsafe to human health. Studies have uncovered that even at little intensity of this radiation, there is verification of harm to DNA and cell tissue plus it has been bonded to restrain immune function, miscarriage, brain tumors, depression, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and numerous other serious illnesses. A study presented by medical practitioners in Germany, supervised 1000 inhabitants who had dwelled in a locality round two mobile phone towers for 10 years. During the last 5 years of the study they discovered that those dwelling inside 400 meters of either tower had a newly-diagnosed cancerous infection rate three times higher than those who dwelled farther away. Breast cancerous infection covered the register, but cancers of the bowel, prostate, skin melanoma, pancreas, lung and body-fluid cancerous infection were all increased (Relfe, 2002).

A very healthy alternative to this could be a Wireless system (Wi-fi). Wireless phone services will reduce all the eminent issues and bring in a good reception to the service, cutting costs and the threats as well. In the United States, Cingular Wireless plans to introduce phones in the coming year that will allow people to connect at home through their own wireless networks but switch to cell towers when out and about. This will save the massive issues involved with cellular towers (Croft, 2002).

Question 2:Responsibility of privacy & CRM

According to customer complaints increasing daily, it has been observed that information privacy is concerning further than just holding individual facts and numbers secret. The mobile phone GPS tracker, along with its benefits, can still ...
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