Challenges And New Directions Evolving Human Resource Management

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Challenges and new directions evolving Human Resource Management

Challenges and new directions evolving Human Resource Management


Human Resource is the department in every organization that is responsible to look after the needs of employees. Human resource is responsible to do recruitment for the organization, manage the workforce, and provides direction to them. They have to deal with the issues related to workforce such as, their compensation, management of their performance, organizational development, administration, communication, providing motivation by providing them perks and benefits, training, and hiring new employees as the organizational need arises (Albrecht, 2000). The effective Human resource is that makes sure that employees efficiently and effectively enhances the productivity and profitability by accomplishing goals and objectives of the organization.

In today's business world, right management of the employees has great impact on the overall performance of the company. Human Resource Management has become the essential department of the company. Selecting from right candidate to sustaining employees that are contributing in the success of the firm has become the first priority of the companies. HR management does not play its part only in developing employees but it works for the whole organization. Human resource covers a wider scope in management. Companies depend over their current success and try to develop or maintain its business with the selection of right people (Albrecht, 2000).

As the product or services demand increases, additional employees are needed by organization to fulfill the production and other needs of the organization. The human resource work is to identify whether the employees in a manufacturing company can meet the production requirements and their ability to maintaining or sustaining the quality of the product. In any manufacturing or service company, HR must manage the employees in effective manner so that company can successfully meet the demands of the customer without decreasing their quality of the products, which saves them from reduction in sales and customer dissatisfaction.

If a company is going towards the expansion, they have to maintain their status and consistency and allow the HR to develop their organization. HR by keeping in view the long term goals, mission and vision of the organization, develop the performance standards to identify the problems of non performing employees, addressing them in order to avoid any future problems so that to gain more market share and avoid customer dissatisfaction. HR professionals identify the processes and recruitment process to make sure that right employee hired by the organization to improve the efficiency of employees, improve quality, and to make sure that company achieve their goals (Albrecht, 2000).


Every organization around the world has concerns regarding the management of people in their workforce. This issue is widespread in the field of business management. The effective management of human beings in an organisation is one of the crucial factors that determine the success of the organization. It also helps the organization in achieving a distinguishing position in the competitive industry (Albrecht, 2000). This concept becomes a challenge for those who manage the workforce in an ...
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