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Change in the World

Change in the world


Globalization in the currentintellectactivated with the liberalization of world trade and the introduction of neoliberalism through the U.S. and U.K. It depends directly on the concept of "New World Order" that President Bush imposed in September 1990, after the collapse of the Eastern bloc, in a speech to the U.S. Congress. Bush and adding in his statement a "New World Order under the direction of USA.

“Why are self-governing governments now placing themselves out of business by selling their firms and assets”, thengenerousregulator of statesetups and frugalitiesended to international business? The procedureinitiated in a later century20th.

Later World War II greatestnationsstood in afinancialconfusion. Administrationsremained the solitarybodieshugeplentiful to catchfrugalitiesrestored and stirringneover. Managementsacquiredregulator of the forcefulstatures of their national economies. Managementfocusedon savingcreated andthe knowledge that Administrationseesimportant.

In the 9th decade of thetwentieth century was subject by the term globalization on global relations, declaring that civilization also wants to participate, and according to their goals and nature of their orders to control and dominate the world and to all fields and including the area of financial markets During globalization of financial activity and the integration of capital markets.



The post war on political economy is very common in today's world and we mostly call it as development debate. There are different theoretical approaches and schools that have been found involved in dealing with the extent and presuppositions of the social character in the economic development, particularly in the developing countries of the third world, which praise the capitalism in the society and have neoliberal thinking style. The concept of globalization has brought huge change in the activities of the world and it has improved the quality of relationships among the countries. With the concept of globalization countries can better perform trading activites such as import and export in an effective way. The aim of this paper was to do criticism on the approach of Marxist as it was to develop the capitalist approach and bring the control in the hand of the authorities that are involved in fulfilling their own goals and objectives, they do not have any importance towards any other individual. The approach of Marxist was against the ethical norms of the society.

The global economic integration has brough great improvement in the past few years and have made changes in business dealings. The success of globalism can be observed from the success in the trading activities that has ...
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