Change Management And How It Affects Productivity Of An Organization

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Change management and how it affects productivity of an organization



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Organizational change is defined as action, either planned or unplanned, that results in a modification of the processes, relationships, and fundamental characteristics of the organization from one state to another. This research has explored the change management at Con Edison, a subsidiary company of Consolidated Edison. The management of Con Edison has been facing some problems in the process of production. To cope up with this problem, this research has proposed the application of Six Sigma for Con Edison so that they cope up with their problems of production and increase their productivity. Furthermore, through research, we had discovered that employees had a few problems with the process of change. This research had suggested the use of Kotter's eight step change management model for managing change and managing employees. For the implementation of the Six Sigma model, this research had suggested the DMIAC model.







1.1 Introduction1

1.2 Description of the Problem2

1.3 Importance of the Problem3

1.4 Scope of the Problem4

1.5 Operations of the problem area4

1.6 Internal and external effected people5

1.7 Relevant statistics5

1.8 Scenario8

1.9 Conclusion8


2.1 Barriers to Organizational Change10

2.1.1 Employee resistance to change10

2.1.2 Lack of Vision11

2.1.3 Communication problems11

2.1.4 Lack of proper planning12

2.2 Barriers to Successful Implementation of Six Sigma Lean productions12

2.3 Con Edison SWOT Analysis13

2.4 Leadership and Change management in Con Edison15

2.4.1 Leadership in organizations15

2.4.2 Role of leader in change management16

2.4.3 Charismatic leadership and change management17

2.4.4 Situational leadership and change ...
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