Change Management - Strategy Shifting

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Change Management - Strategy Shifting

Executive Summary

Sometimes there is a need to change because the business's managers redefine the relevant environment for the business. It is not only just changes in the external environment that can create the need to change what is done in the business. Redefining their environment, and the need to make changes compatible with the new environment, will become increasingly important for the many Australian businesses intending to move into international markets and become globally competitive. Auto Sales, must change and adapt as their customers and market change and as their competitors evolve. In my view leadership is the essence of successful change.

Change Management - Strategy Shifting


This paper will attempt to apply models and concepts from the course, analyze a significant change initiative that have been observed, have been affected by or have had a hand in implementing in your organization. The paper will attempt to give special relevance to an analysis of the Change Strategy, a description of the change implementation strategy-the model of change employed, an elaboration of how the change was structured and sequenced, a discussion on how political support for the change was obtained and how successful those efforts were, an explanation of what the change leaders did to prevent or minimize resistance to change; what was the nature of the resistance, and how did the leaders deal with the resistance. In addition, the paper will also describe how momentum for the change was built and sustained; as well as an elaboration of how the monitoring mechanisms were used and how information from the monitoring was used or not used. In the case of my former employer, a significant degree of instability was created when the organization chose to shift its strategy. This paper is, in essence, a discussion of how the findings that I came across when the change management strategy was implemented.

The firm will have to develop and implement a multilateral change management approach that can address the need to correct and repair the damage that has been done, while simultaneously allowing the firm to allow the generation of enough room so that the firm can implement modernization without running into the same challenges that were present at the time when the founder of the firm was a child. Therefore it is imperative for the change management strategy to take the employees confidence and reassure them that the firm has gone through a phase and this phase is nothing more than a temporary setback; and not an indication of a change in the company's approach towards its employees or its working philosophy. The change management strategy the firm implements will have to address all of these areas. It is essential to realize that a number of areas have been influenced as a result of this incident.

Discussion & Analyses

Firstly, it is important to realize that the firm has lost the confidence and trust that its employees had in it. This trust was key part of the firm's ...
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