Chapter #1: Introduction

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Chapter #1: Introduction

Background of Study

We conduct an online marketing research surveys that influence the power of the web to give you results in synchronized format. Online marketing research surveys propose organizations countless opportunities to gather all types of information, whether you are searching for imminent from a B2B market research or B2C market research perspective. Online marketing research surveys give you the foundation you need to quickly perfect your marketing strategies (Pincott and Braithwaite, 20).

The impact of the introduction of World Wide Web (WWW) as a tool for conducting marketing research understood. Using the approach, case studies, we look at the application of marketing research in the WWW on credit card market for international payments. Exploratory nature case of exploratory nature and as a real example, offers a comparison with more traditional approaches to market research; the case shows that the WWW provides an opportunity for companies to reconsider the ways in which they conduct market research (Brown, Fletcher, 425-40). In addition, the study shows how the innovative use of Online research can be used to open new business opportunities, even the smallest of companies.

The first section describes the evolution of the market and argues that we are now moving into a new phase of market research is due to the advent of the Online. In this section we briefly the potential and limitations of the WWW as a tool for market research.

Problem Statement

In order to make better management decisions market research in the systematic and objective evaluated by few specific aspects (Chisnall, 19-91). The better the quality of the information managers have at their disposal, ceteris paribus, the lower the level of risk associated with strategic decision-making.

Research objectives

The following research objectives have been identified:

1.1.To identify right tools, methods and opportunities of marketing research online

1.2. To explore internal and external characteristics that online research consumers value when purchasing online research products and services.

1.3.To investigate psychology of online research consumers prior to purchasing product or service as well as market features such as price.

1.4.To determine what features make online research competitors perform well particularly for online services that are provided in various countries.

Rationale of the study

Using the WWW as a business marketing tool is well documented (see, for example, Berry et al, 1-994; Bianco, 197; Loebbecke and Dzhelassi, 17), but little research exists as to its full potential as a tool for market research. While it is clear that the WWW will increasingly be used as a medium for marketing research (Comley, 16; Quelch and Klein, 96; Cobanoglu et al, 201), all the consequences of its use are not yet fully understood.

Existing studies addressed the implications of the WWW in terms of potential substantial reduction in time and costs associated with testing of new financial products, services (Naudé et al, 18; Lockett et al, 19). In addition, market researchers has focused on a comparison of costs, response, and time horizons involved in conducting surveys using traditional mail from the electronic media (see Cobanoglu et al. (20-51) for ...
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