Character Analysis Of Beowulf And Batman

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Character Analysis Of Beowulf And Batman

Classic American folk tales characters are similar to Beowulf in the sense that he greatly exaggerated. Superior strength and agility is possessed by him. With his bare hands Grendel is defeated by him alone, something that the best armies were unable to do. Beowulf and his human, but his capers are superhuman.

Batman however, does not possess superhuman strength. But what he lacks in that area, his gadgets more than make up for. In his ability to overcome his past His strength lies, and work to defeat evil. Modesty is there that Batman possesses that Beowulf does not. Batman masks his true identity and is often gone by the time the police arrive. However, Beowulf is all about the glory. He boasts openly about his conquests and is far from humble. (James, 98)


Beowulf shows the characteristics of a perfect hero. One observes that two separate stages youth and age are discussed in his heroic poem. The problems and misunderstandings with Grendel and Grendel mother are also discussed in the poem as well. As a reliable king, a clear division exists in his mature heroism and character as a young and brave heroic character that faces war without any fear. Two different models of virtue are shown in the two different stages of his life and there is distinct separation of fifty years in both stages. The story revolves as to how Beowulf changes himself from one character to another. Moral reflection lies more or less in the differentiation of both models.

Beowulf, the legendary strength and courage, to look at jewelry especially against the heroic or even match even a great warrior of his youth. In addition, he has excellent manners and values, pride and loyalty, as dictated by the Germanic heroic code represents. Grendel and Grendel's mother for her courage to defeat his reputation was established and confirmed as a complete hero. Seduce her heroic qualities in abundance in the first part of the poem, Beowulf matures enough. Denmark to serve their own pests and established itself as a hero, but the power is willing to accept a new phase of his life. (Gaiman, 98)

Hrothgar the young warrior, mentor and father, figure to act as a wise ruler began to provide advice. Beowulf is the king for years, though, his exemplary career as a fighter has served on the board in part to prepare for accession.

The second part of the story, Beowulf Geatland misses more than half of career and concentrates on the end of his life. Through a series of flashbacks, however, and this gap is what so much of a warrior Beowulf, and how to behave like a king, and recovered to be able to see. Beowulf is an important time for the transition period after the death of Hygelac. Instead of supporting his son Hygelac Denmark, as in the Hrothulf his rightful heir to the throne made haste. With this gesture of loyalty and respect for the throne, he proves worthy of ...
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