Checklist For Change book Checklist For Change, Write A Summary For Chapter 7 And Chapter 8

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Checklist for Change

Book Checklist for change, write a summary for chapter 7 and chapter 8

Checklist for a change

Chapter 8

As we all know that teams are very important to the organization. It is often the structure that needs to be altered in order to make the organizations effective. Often the concept of de centralization comes in to play when we talk about teams as they work as autonomous bodies in the organization. Formation of teams varies from organization to organization. At times a team may be carrying out a task which is of an opposite nature than that of another organization. Small organization may not require teams and large organizations require it. This tells us that the work load matters over here. It is because of the work load that the teams are formed. With the formation of a team, work load is divided and so are the responsibilities. It gives the power to think big as every member of the group puts in some effort to get the job done and new ideas could be shared amongst the group. With the formation of teams, often the problem or coordination and control is resolved and a high level communication becomes effective with in the group. The size of the team is very important. It the team is too small it may not be able to carry out the necessary functions and construct the ideas that will be required to get the job done. If the team is too big, it may be wastage of employees or man power. Too many member sin a team would lead to interference in each others work and this would lead to in effectiveness.

It may seem very easy to form a team initially, and like not every things that seems easy to be formed, same is the situation over here. Forming a team is not easy at all as it has to go through a number of procedures in order to form a team. There may be a number of steps carried out in the team formation process, but only a certain steps are of a major value, rest are secondary sources. The nature of the task, the nature of the organization, the policies and guide lines of the organization, team leaders etc. these are the factors that need to be considered before a team is formed. In order for the team to be effective, ...
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