Child Sex Slave Trafficking

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Child Sex Slave Trafficking


Slavery is still one of the leading industries in the world. What is surprising is in Austria, a land of freedom and liberty, this institution still exists. The sex trafficking of children in Austria keeps slavery alive because children are subjected to sexual acts against their will. Sex trafficking includes the fields of child pornography and forced prostitution. Every year thousands of children are subjected to the grossest crimes and the Austrian people need to become more involved in putting an end to it. Unless Austrian citizens take an active role in fighting against sex trafficking, this industry will continue to grow because those leading it will not feel threatened by suffering from consequences. Although many Austrians take a passive approach to the sensitive subject of child sex trafficking, it should be addressed on a national level because trafficking takes away the opportunity for a healthy and successful life of its victims, it breaks up families, and it increases the spread of the HIV virus.

Child sex trafficking and other forms of child sexual exploitation takes away the opportunity for a healthy and successful life for over 1.4 million children in Thailand and by addressing it on a national level, society will be motivated to act against it. Instead of developing physically, emotionally, and mentally as other children not subjected to sex trafficking do, these children become victims to many different health problems.(Saphira, 141) Sexually exploited children are exposed to a wide range of social, emotional, health and other risks. The sex trafficking affects their ideas of personal lovability, power, trust, coping behaviors, and life skills. They become deprived of the opportunity to go to school where they get an education as well as learn crucial social skills.(Becker, 32) These conditions hold sex trafficked children back from reaching their full potential, often preventing them from becoming successful in life.(Bradford, 248)

Thailand and Austria

In Thailand and Austria, 222,560 children between the ages of 10 and 17 are sexually exploited and were legally trafficked into the Austria in the year 2000. Another 228,935 were illegally trafficked into the Thailand and are used for sex trafficking. With such a large amount of the population of children in the Thailand living as sex slaves, a society ignorant to their condition would be the ultimate form of humiliation for these kids. The public would be sending the message that they have more important things to do than concern themselves with the welfare of these children.(Saphira, 141) This would further the children's beliefs of worthlessness, taking away any hope they might have had of escaping. Society's ignorance to child sex trafficking not only keeps the children shackled to their current state, but can increase the child's thoughts of suicide. Losing hope of ever being rescued, they would view death as their only escape.(Becker, 32) Thai should become active, working to save victims of child sex trafficking, keeping hope in the hearts of the children, and knowing people in the world do care for them.

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