Child Sexual Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse


Child sexual abuse has been is one of the burning issues nowadays. The sexual abuse of child does not need to be explained as it as become a social evil in every neighbourhood. This research proposal aims to study on the qualitative and the quantitative research about sexual child abuse in society. The research also delivers code of ethics and the IRB regulations on social aspect and also cites the NASW code of ethics with reference to the Sexual Child Abuse (SCA). The demographic and supporting statistics are elaborated in order to support the qualitative research.

Keywords: ethics, child sexual abuse

Table of contents



Problem Statement4

Thesis statement4

Purpose of the Study5

Aims and Objectives5

Research Questions5

Literature Review5

Effects of child sexual abuse7

Psychological Harm8

Physical Harm9

Death Rates and Injuries Due To Sexual Abuse9

NCA National Statistics (2011)11

Child sexual Abuse and vulnerability to IRB11

Population to be Studied12

Possible ethical issues that might arise during research13

Nature of the Study: Confidentiality and Consent of Research14

Typical role of the social worker as per NASW Code of Ethics14

Confidentiality and Integrity14

Child Protective Services15

Mandated Reporting for Social Justice15

Outcomes of the study15

RUBRIC and Template: 2nd portion of proposal: Research Design17



Child Sexual Abuse


Child sexual abuse is defined as the typology of child abuse in which a child is used as ac stimulant for sexual needs and satisfaction by an adult or an adolescent. It may include other forms as well like child pornography (Richardson, 2010). The dynamic society has changed the norms and the culture of society as well. Children are vulnerable to many evils in the society. If u proper care and concentration is not provided to young and the teenagers then this society is definitely an evil place for them. This also have really intense effect on minds and personality of children. A child who has become victim sexual harassment or abuse faces many mental as well as physical traumas throughout his life (Perrott,, 1998). This become one of the bitter realities of his life keeping it in focus that he is too young to experience and understands such thing. Sometimes they are even too young to understand what they have been through that become another disturbing issue in his life.

Problem Statement

Children have been suffering from mental depression, stress and face many consequences due to the sexual abuse. It is one on the huge social evil of the society. These effects, faced by children are long lasting and badly influence their lives creating many other flaws in their personality.

Thesis statement

The prevalence of the child sexual abuse has many variable and implications creating long lasting effects on the victims and exploiting a huge social evil for the society.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to explore reasons of child abuse and to analyze the data and demographics. This is a combination of both qualitative and quantitative research regarding child abuse with in the society. Further to study the IRB regulation with respect to the topic. The primary idea will be focused on the demographics and social aspect of child sexual ...
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