Childhood As A Social Construct

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Childhood as a Social Construct

Childhood as a Social Construct

The study of children and youth—or childhood studies—involves researchers from diverse disciplines who theorize and conduct research on children and adolescents. Woodhead (2004) aptly explains,

Primary care physicians are family physicians, internists, pediatricians and obstetrician gynecologists. The number of primary care physicians is decreasing in U.S. - there are about 14,000 primary care physicians too few for the number of people who need them. According to the American Medical Association, the difference will increase to 25000-30000 in 2025. Less professional means more difficulty finding one that will help, or make an appointment with which they come. You can see that fewer primary care physicians have an impact on their ability to find one for your care.

There are two problems contributing to the shortage: the low number of medical students choosing primary care and specialist, and the growing number of baby boomers requiring more and more attention as they age. Why are so few medical students choosing to go into primary care? That's where you follow the money. Ask most newly enrolled medical students for what they want to become doctors and will respond with answers that represent a certain degree of idealism. "I want to help people" is a common response ...

The medical student finishes his secondary education nearly $ 150,000 in debt. You can pay your debt to earn less than $ 200,000 per year in family practice, or they can pay their debt to earn the salary of a specialist who will be twice that amount or more. Which would you choose?

Primary care physicians are not your day lasts 8 hours or 10 hours, but often much more than that. They can be regular on call 24 / 7 and work weekends, too. While specialists may also be working overtime, they will not as often. In other words, if you had the option of a dermatologist who worked 50 hours a week for $ 400,000 a year, compared to a family doctor who put in weeks of 80 hours for half that amount of money, is which would you choose?

Even the main day of a different look. Because insurance reimbursement work the way they do, a primary care physician is paid much less for each patient visit or procedure by a specialist. Therefore, should follow a PCP that many more patients in their day. Refunds will be lower, the less time that the doctor can spend with each patient because it involves many more patients just to keep the lights on.

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Historical research informs what the concept of childhood means. Ariès ([1960] 1962) made the first argument that childhood is socially and historically constructed. He did not view it as a natural state defined by biology. By examining works of art dating back 1,000 years, he noted a difference in the rendering of children prior to the 1700s, wherein children were depicted as little adults and not as a distinctive ...
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