Childhood Obesity Dangers

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Childhood Obesity Dangers

Childhood Obesity Dangers


The purpose of this paper is to enlighten and explore the concept of childhood obesity. The study will explore different factors responsible for childhood obesity and suggest different methods through which childhood obesity issue can be countered. There are many countries in the world that encounter the problem of obesity. United States of America is one of those countries where the issue of obesity if mounting. According to Edward Stanley, “childhood obesity is the critical issue influencing the society; those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”.

The victims of obesity and their families are unaware of the dangerous outcomes that obesity can cause. Therefore, there should be proper education provided to obesity victims and their families about the obesity factors and their consequences. This will increase people's awareness and enhance their efficiency to adapt useful practices that can counter the issue of obesity. The body mass index test, also known as BMI this is the most common test for obesity. When a child is obese he would have a BMI in the ninety-fifth percentile range.

Nevertheless, the data obtained through different sources suggests that this statement to be true because people who are not exercising will regret their decision later in life. People that think exercise takes too much time out of their day would be surprised with how much time cancer, diabetes, asthma, lack of sleep, psychological problems. Exercise is important for the body and mind. The reason I brought this quote to light was due to the Childhood obesity epidemic taking hold of the U.S.


A child is considered obese when their weight exceeds 20% of their ideal weight. Obesity in children begins between six months and seven years of the percentage of those who remain obese in adulthood, which is 40%. While for those who started between ten and thirteen years, the odds are 70% because the cells that store fat (adipocytes) are multiplying at this stage of life which increases the possibility of the child to be obese as an adult. There are many factors which contribute to childhood obesity like food intake, energy consumption, hereditary factors, hormonal imbalance, psychological and environmental factors, etc. These are going to be discussed in more detail in this document.

While addressing the issue of childhood obesity, different factors influence the scenario. These factors can be categorized as the main characteristics boosting the problem of childhood obesity. Lack of attention from parents, excessive restriction, and intense pressure from family and academic stress is the main factors that enhance the ratio of obese children in United States. According to different scholarly sources, the awareness of obesity is scarce in the United States.

Causes of Obesity in Children

There are many causes of childhood obesity. It is of immense importance to know about these causes because it serves as an important step toward breaking the cycle. The most common cause which leads to obesity in a child is the intake of too ...
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