Children Literature In Tesol

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Children Literature in TESOL

Children Literature in TESOL


A student for whom English is a second language is a growing and profitable segment in United States. Over the years students who need ESL services in America has increased with leaps and bounds. With the growing number of students of ESL, appropriate ESL services are also becoming an issue. According to a recent survey teachers should be given proper training as what to teach and how to teach students. There are no typical ESL students. Students who are enrolled for ESL classes come from different regions, cultures and traditions. All these students bring their experiences to class and enrich the class and enhance learning for all students. It is the primary responsibility of the teachers to provide education and adequate learning materials that would help students enhance their skills.

The paper will include the kind of teaching materials that teachers will provide to students and it will also highlight the different language art activities that will help students to learn English. The paper will also discuss the age group of children to which education will be provided and the importance of these courses.


Literary texts are a rich source for English language material. Literature can be used by teachers in classes of English according to the age, the language level, the taste and interest of children.

Literature for children

The literary text for children has become an industry since 1990.there is different specialist, theorist and guides that have written various books in literature for children. The uses of literary text have widely increased over the year in foreign language teaching. Literary text was incorporated in ESL during the period 1960- 1980.initially literature was taught to children using communicative approach and many practical examples were also used. (Collie & Slater,1987)

The interest in literature and literary text has increase and today instructors use literature to educate children and enhance their skills. Today many teachers use literary text and other forms of literature in ESL classrooms because literature helps children to reveal their feelings and emotions and it enriches the life of the class. On the other hand literary text provides many features of written language that helps children to enhance their skills. (Collie & Slater, 1990).

Approaches to teaching literature to children

Maley, (1989) Teachers should learn and educate themselves as to how impart knowledge of literature to students in ESL classess.Teachers should be given special training so that students at all levels and at all ages can benefit. There are two approaches teachers can adopt to teach literary text to children. These approaches are discussed below.

The critical literary approach

This approach basically focuses on the literature of the text that students study in the classrooms. The text is based on motivation, background and c characterization of all things. This approach will help students to get familiar with literary terms and conventions. (Maley,1989)

The Stylistic approach

Teachers use this approach to make interpretations of the literary text and analyze and describe the content of the literature to the children. (Maley,1989)

Teachers should adopt ...
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