China Procurement Of Natural Resources And Its Impact On African Region

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[China Procurement of Natural Resources and its impact on African Region]



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This study is attempted to explore the relation between China's Procurement of Natural Resources and its impact on the development of African region. China's emergence as a major industrial power brings difficult challenge for the natural resources of the world. This thesis finds the relationship between China's procurement of natural resources and its influence on the development of the African region. The main items of the natural resources are oil, cooper, and gold and how China is doing land cultivation of food and securing water from underdeveloped nations of the African Region.

Economic involvement of China in African region has drawn exceptional global attention towards the issue. China's interest in the gas, oil and other natural resources of Africa is supposed to be more harmful for Africa than valuable. This trade expansion creates both opportunities as well as threats for African countries and generates a major challenge for the effective and efficient management by African Authorities. Many questions are raised on the presence of China on the African continent about the political intentions, commercial objectives and the long-term impact on Africa's political growth and economic development.

The research is based on the collection of secondary data. The data is extracted from a variety of articles, journals and books. Secondary research means that the information is gathered from publications, literatures, broadcast media and other non-human sources. Human subjects are not involved in this type of researches. This research approaches and the particular mode of inquiries provides huge benefits within the procurement and acquisition field and to researchers who can make use of them. The main limitation that must be considered is the criticism of the quantitative research approach is that the researcher's perspective is not considered in the explanation of the. The recommendations found after the research are: Africa should make long term plans to ensure growth of the region and prosperity of its people. China and Africa need to work on the policies declared publically and win-win relationship between both the countries should be equally beneficial.

Table of Contents


Outline of the Study1

Background of the research2

Situational Analysis4


Problem Statement7


Aims and Objectives9

Research Question10

Disclaimers of Study Limitation11

Ethical Concern12


Reality of the Economic Presence of China in Africa1

Actual Impacts of the Chinese Presence in Africa4


Research Design7

Literature Search8





Chapter 1: Introduction

Outline of the Study

This research focuses on the various aspects of China procurement of natural resources and its impact on African region and comprises of the following chapters:


Literature Review



Background of the research

Economic involvement ...