Chinese Entrepreneurs

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Chinese Entrepreneurs

Chinese Entrepreneurs


Asian countries in recent years have been a rebound in economic development, where its companies have played a significant role towards its success and its performance management and other determining factors in the management of its resources, invite West, especially to Venezuela, if not concerned Evaluate their organizational behavior and an organization that allows you to create an atmosphere to encourage them to conquer new markets and stay in them.

In 1988 a reference; the Chinese government began to transform state-owned enterprises in the respective process management company, safeguard, however, under state control too much. Around the same time, some private companies began to appear, but it is in 1993, the government adopted a law allowing private enterprise.

But in general, the abnormal production of these companies affect the world economy, only a few people can, so far, tracking individuals. But have come, said John Wong, Boston Consulting Group, Hong Kong, who works mainly with pharmaceutical companies and senior vice president of consumer products. Huang said that with the passage of time, some Chinese enterprises began to appear in what he called “competition test” in the Chinese domestic market, highly competitive areas and dispersed into. Think about it, the so-called "Asian Tigers", as he called the People's Republic of China, has become the world trade and with a great ability to participate in the global market, new features, great players.


Basic Considerations, Scope and Impact

Not surprisingly, it was revealed that China has become in the past 25 years to show the world his great ability to make the changes that it can be seen as a country has a strong influence on the country's economic, technical and political at the global level In the next few years. Because it is doing, if the revolutionary government with what President Chavez said Lieutenant Colonel, he noted how China gradually, Has become a dynamic emerging markets, the importance of alliances and information technology in order to favour the new way of doing business, some have already signed agreements with some of the work.

It is known that the role of private Chinese firms have been involved in economic growth in China. The good performance of them is mainly due to management style, which focuses on cultural and social values ??proposed by Confucianism. It manifests itself in a real cohesive management teams. Cohesive, integrated, committed to achieving the objectives. These companies, under the influence of Confucius, are characterized by flexibility, high centralization, low bureaucratic and collectivist dimension as cohesive as a family. The Chinese administration is also characterized by their entrepreneurial and innovative style. Confucian philosophy emphasizes the idea of integration of industrial relations systems in which morality, discipline and loyalty are fundamental parts. She is the foundation upon which Chinese society has developed, "says Isabel Miyashiro, professor and researcher at the University of the Pacific in the book Business and management in Asia: the case of China, which has just published the Publishing Fund of this ...
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