Chocolate Should Be Added To A Persons Diet

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Chocolate should be added to a Persons Diet

Thesis Statement

The Chocolate diet is a weight-loss plan that includes the daily consumption of limited amounts of chocolate. The phrase “chocolate diet” also signifies the consumption of chocolate because of claims of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol(Trager 17).

Chocolate is one of the world's favorite foods. Chocolate is well known as a deliciously decadent sweet that is added into cookies, cakes candy bars and other desserts. Around the world, it is served as a bitter frothy drink and even part of a main meal. As a food item, chocolate has been a source of controversy. Is it junk food or food for your health? True, eating chocolate products loaded with sugar and or containing hydrogenated oils can result in negatively affect ones health, however the good news is, eating dark chocolates has been proven to being very beneficial and should not be left out of a person's diet. Some of the amazing benefits from eating dark chocolate are lowering stress levels, improve cardiovascular system, facilitate healthy heart(Tomaso, Beltramo, Piomelli 01)

Claims of the Research

There are three claims of the research;

lowering stress levels

cardiovascular system--raise antioxidants level in the blood and

heart—by lowering blood pressure lower cholesterol)

Claim 1: Lowering Stress Levels

The modern day life is full of financial turmoil, workplace uncertainty, and relationship issues. The results of this type of lifestyle are raised levels of stress. Raise level of stress can inhibit the formation of the hormone, serotonin. Serotonin is a feel good hormone If serotonins levels are low, a person can feel sad or depressed. A hormonal imbalance or weak digestion can lead to low serotonin level. Chocolate is a well known mood lifter. It stimulates the brainwaves and lowers the stress levels. (Teubner 10)This is why unknowingly people will eat chocolate when they feel stress. A study, led by scientist, Sunil Kochhar of the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland, announced that people who rated themselves highly stressed was found to have lower levels of stress hormones after eating chocolate every day for two weeks. The study's subjects ate 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate daily. In the study the doctors took urine d blood plasma samples from the participants at the beginning, halfway through, and at the end of the two week study.

“The daily consumption of dark chocolate resulted in a significant modification of the metabolism of healthy and free living human volunteers with potential ...
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