Choice Between Us And China

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Choice between US and China

Choice between US and China


Historically Australia has been a leading country in Asia-Pacific. After World War II ended, and in the process of bipolarity, its role in struggle against communism in the region was praised by England and the United States (USA). Years after Australia's involvement in Vietnam, the country joined the Washington led coalition in the fight against international terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, and other areas of conflict, where Australia sent troops to restore order (As in East Timor). Without either the political link between Canberra and Washington has gone hand in hand, reality is different in commercial society. According to the vision of international analysts, the economic alliance has not reached its peak narrowing being the most unstable factor in the future.


The main purpose behind writing the paper is to highlight the importance of the relations between Australia, China and United States. The author is of the view that in the modern world Australian economy substantially based on the Chinese market because of various reasons that highlighted and explained in the paper. However, the United States importance cannot be ignored because United States being the only super power at the moment has the power to turn the economic tables of any country with its power. Therefore, the main question of concern is that to select whom because China is the most important trading partner of Australia and United States the key security partner. In the future it would be difficult to maintain the same relations with both the countries and the Australian government need to incline towards any one of the power.

Currently the Australian government looks with products reserve entry Chinese to the region but is willing to advance cooperation with Beijing, especially in the energy field. However, the fact is that Australia is considered the deputy-sheriff of Washington in Asia. Canberra must determine the limits of their performance, especially in its relationship with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).

Washington and Canberra: Cooperation or disagreements

Australia is considered one of the most open economies in the Pacific. The size of its exports and imports reached a global level 1.086% and 1.208%, the pace of sales slowed over the high rate growth of international purchases. The Australian foreign market has supported in the agricultural sector by promoting a policy of liberalization as part integral to its economy. The developed country FTA with the U.S., New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and is in talks with China and Japan.

Australia integrates with other world agricultural producers (Argentina and Brazil, etc.) with the prestigious trade Cairns Group. Canberra's interest to capture it was due to the pursuit of trade reforms within the GATT (now WTO), in the agriculture category. That is why more than one year after the entry into force Treaty of Washington, the economy related sectors progress considerably but not significantly. Moreover, the policy of the U.S. bilateral trade addressed with several countries including Australia, U.S. responds to the logic of increase their potential ...
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