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Christian Worldview Economics Integration Paper

Christian Worldview Economics Integration Paper


This paper discusses the Christian worldview about the economic system for this purpose following question will be remained focused in this paper, ”Can an Economic System Be Compatible with the Christian Worldview?”. We will discuss whether an economic system be compatible if we apply Christian world view or not.


Today hundreds of millions of civilians endure starvation, hunger, and malnutrition. As a lot are homeless, scarcity safety from the raw pushes of nature, and live within unsanitary conditions. The alone convenient reaction for the Christian is towards cry from a compassionate heart, "Oh Lord, how can we help? What can we do towards feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and protect the vulnerable?" (Bediako, 1997) This paper focuses onto one criterion of God's respond towards that prayer as revealed within Scripture: economics. Economics is the learn of the beliefs and mechanisms of allocating scarce resources towards accomplish optimal production, distribution, and consumption of wealth. Its leader focus is towards discover and refine just and kindness processes of designing, allocating, and burning abundance towards defeat poverty and towards increase the substance and religious prosperity of man. Proper experience and application of commercial beliefs are necessary whether we are towards bid the greatest assistance we can towards the hungry, the naked, and the vulnerable. (Bediako, 1997) Therefore, proper experience and application of commercial beliefs are indispensable components of actual compassion. For a look of economics towards be branded "Christian" it ought bid a description of man and culture based onto Biblical truth ought characterize and recount scriptural truths that explain latest moods, and ought bid both operative and normative beliefs for achieving the most just commercial system and specified behavior possible within our declined world. (Torres, 1978) It is not the occasion of Biblical economics towards recount the tactics of implementing policies or software but towards bid beliefs and truths that, when executed as policies, software, and specified behavior, shall conform the commercial behave and mood of men and culture towards the norms of Scripture. (Bediako, 1997)

Of leading importance within such an conducting are two dominant considerations) the stewardship granted towards man, which from the grammar of the ancients we appreciate as "house-ruler-ship"-the form of the word itself (oikonomos), "law of the house", revealing a linguistic relate towards what we already dub "economics;" and) The dip of man, which carried approximately the perversion of man's stewardship and laid the base for misuse of skills and forsaking of responsibilities? Biblical economics provides a charter of divinely granted duties tempered via periodic alarms against sin, and calls men towards honor God within commercial activities. (Torres, 1978)In a sin-filled earth, economics-like everybody else balls of life-cannot be perfect. Because of the dip, everybody the beliefs and truths of Biblical economics, and everybody the various forms of abundance, are abused via declined men. (Hartshorn, 2001) Economics therefore reveals man's base nature, his covetous strivings for power and abundance, and even fleeting delusions of impartiality from ...
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