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Christianity is a religion of Abraham monotheistic which tends to be based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as presented in the biblical canon as Christ. Within the sacred texts and writings related to Christianity, it shares common grounds with Judaism the Tanakh. Which in general tends to be in line with the Bible Septuagint (older than the Tanakh in its current form).This form the basis and source for the Old Testament of the different Bibles .It is ,therefore, considered an Abrahamic religion along with Judaism and Islam(Franklin,p.27) .

In this modern world there some differences within the benches of the Christianity. Even in the twentieth century, some scholars do not take as incontrovertible date of AD 33 for the death of Jesus Christ. In its first decades, Christianity was regarded as a doctrine of sectarian traditions more between Jews and Israelites, like other bodies of ideas and beliefs of that part of world. Since Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in the fourth century, this factor had significant influence on Western culture and on many other cultures of the world. The word Christianity tends to be extracted from Hebrew “Messiah "which means" Anointed One (Burrows, p.215).


Christianity began among a small number of Jews; however it was with the advent of the third century that Christianity grew into the dominant church in the northern Mediterranean part of the world. Other views hold the fact that Christianity began about 2,000 years ago in Judea (modern Israel) with Jesus Christ and his faithful band of disciples. At the age of thirty, Jesus traveled from village to village with his set of teaching to address the healing of those who suffered.

The teachings of Jesus proved revolutionary and attracted people from different walks of life. Jesus challenged the established religious authorities to repent of his self-righteousness, hypocrisy, and allowed the people to realize that heaven is rooted in service and love towards the mankind. The teachings of Jesus shocked the people's heart and created instability. This was enough to ring the alarm bells among the Jewish religious authorities. Soon, a group of faithful men began to follow Jesus and he labeled as 'Master'. Jesus taught his disciples about the will of God and the "new covenant" that God would do to humanity through Jesus. He further added that humanity was enslaved to the pain and futility of life as a result of sins committed by the mankind. Thus, as a result of sins humanity lost their relationship with God due to which many atrocities hit the mankind. In order to save the mankind form the future atrocities the Christ told his disciples that he himself will render his life to god so that his followers can be saved from any more difficulty. However, his message and work was not in any way restricted to the followers alone but his messages were for the entire mankind. Thus, from a small group of ordinary men who lived in a ...
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