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The history behind celebrating Christmas is a reality that comes through an evolutionary process of the virgin birth by mother Mary. Christmas is celebrated to cherish the birth of Lord Jesus in this world. Exchanging gifts, singing carols and Santa Claus are the long time attractions of the Christmas celebration season. This event is celebrated with love ones along with delight of personal faith and conviction. The new ways and traditions of Christmas celebrations have remarked the same with exotic colors and impressive memories that would last for a long time.

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Christmas means the mass of Christ. The Christmas celebration is inaugurated to celebrate the birth of the Jesus Christ. This tradition is two thousand years old. It is observed that Christmas was celebrated before the birth of Christ. Over four thousand years ago, the Mesopotamians had a unique custom of celebrating New Year. This festival was known as Zagmuth and celebrated for twelve consecutive days. The Mesopotamians worship many Gods and celebrate Christmas in honor of their Chief God Maduk who had won a battle against the monster of chaos in the beginning of winter. Therefore, the 12 day celebration of Christmas today is said to have roots from this tradition. The story of Christmas begins with the birth of the Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. It is believed that the Jesus Christ was born on the 25th, although there are no significant evidences of the month of birth of Christ. Therefore, December is likely to consider so that the Catholic believers can complete the ritual related to the rival pagan which is celebrated with the end of winter's solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, end of winters has become the customary time for celebrating the birth of Christ among many ancient cultures (Thomas, 2007, pp.20).


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