Chuck D

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Chuck D-Public Enemy

Chuck D-Public Enemy

History of Chuck D (Public Enemy)

The group formed around Carlton Ridenhour, who in the late seventies and the beginning of the eighty studying graphics at Adelphi University and once worked as a DJ in the issuer WBAU radio. The first song is Public Enemy No. 1, is recorded by Carlton, which will be called Chuck D, who later became Chuck D (the D stands for dangerous, dangerous).

The 1988 revolution

The Public Enemy in Zagreb

In the second album, called It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back , published in 1988 , the Bomb Squad invents his unique style made ??of common sounds mixed to form the basis of songs, you find pieces like Bring the Noise , and Don 't Believe the Hype . The 1988 is also the single Fight the Power, which serves as the soundtrack of the films of Spike Lee, makes' the right thing (Do the Right Thing).

Fight the Power (Public Enemy)

In May of 1989, due to some opinions expressed by Professor Griff on the Jewish people during an interview with The Washington Times, considered anti-Semitic, Griff is first expelled from the group and then announced the dissolution is even Public Enemy. Griff is subsequently readmitted to the group, but "degraded", he will no longer serve as the "Minister of Information" within the band. In March 1990, the contrasts between Griff and the rest of the group are incurable, and he definitely left Public Enemy to start his solo career by joining the Last Asiatic Disciples to produce the album Pawns in the Game.

In 1989 out the single Welcome to the Terrordrome anticipates that the LP of 1990, the disc Fear of a Black Planet, with the tracks 911 is a Joke, reported to number 911, the emergency number for U.S. citizens, Brothers Gonna Work Cannot Do Nuttin It out for Ya Man (Pareles, 1992).

The slow descent

Flavor Flav, 2008

The next album is published by Public Enemy Apocalypse 91. The Public Enemy Strikes Black, released in 1991 with a new version of Bring the Noise played with the metal band Anthrax. The success of the public enemy is strong enough to push the pop charts at number 4.

Since 1992 began their descent: participating in the Zoo TV tour with U2, and publish Greatest Misses, a collection of remixes of little success. In addition there are problems with the law for Flav, related to drug use, which brings the band to stop during 1993 to allow the component to a detox groped (Professor, 2009).

In the summer of 1994 the band returned releasing the album Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age, because of really bad reviews from The Source and Rolling Stone does not get much success. Provided the tour is canceled, and Chuck D in 1996 publishes its solo album, titled The Autobiography of Mistachuck and together with the Bomb Squad produced three albums of other rappers. In the spring of 1998 Public Enemy perform the soundtrack of the film He Got Game Spike ...
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