Citizenship In Canada

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Critical Analysis of the New Citizenship in Canada

Critical Analysis of the New Citizenship in Canada

Thesis statement

Canadians come from many ethnic backgrounds and religious groups. Although the majority of Canadians are Catholic or Protestant, members of many Canadians are, form other religions, such as Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. In any case, some cultural characteristics shared by most Canadians. The concept that Canada is a multicultural society can be understood in distinct ways: descriptively (as a sociological fact), prescriptively (as ideology), from a political viewpoint (orientation) or as dynamic convoluted connections between assemblies and parliment(process). In detail, multiculturalism in Canada mentions to the occurrence and persistence of varied racial and ethnic minorities who characterize themselves as distinct and who desire to stay so (London 2011,p.42 ). Politically, multiculturalism organize round the administration of diversity through prescribed plans at the government, provincial and municipal levels. Finally, multiculturalism is the method by which racial and ethnic minorities strives for the centered administration the entails to accomplish their goals and persuade definite aspirations.

Guide Analysis

According to new citizenship guide of Canada, different types of families lives in Canada like Asian, European etc. If we only have great companies, we will merely have a prosperous society, not a great one. Economic growth and power are the means, not the definition, of a strong nation. As social values changed over more than 50 years, Canada became a more flexible and open society. Many took advantage of expanding secondary and postsecondary educational opportunities and a growing number of women entered the professional work force.

Most Canadians of Asian descent had in the past been denied the vote in federal and provincial elections. In 1948 the last of these, the JapaneseCanadians, gained the right to vote. Aboriginal people were granted the vote in 1960. Today every citizen over the age of 18 may vote.

According to new citizenship guide, marriage is a legal agreement/contract between two people. Marriage laws united across Canada. Wives are treated as equal associates. Priests can conduct the marriage ceremony. Religious rights and ceremonies accompany marriage. Many couples live together without registering the marriage. Canadian law does not distinguish homosexual marriages. Divorce is also produced if one partner has caused other damage in the form of violence, betrayal, etc. if a divorcing couple has children; the court requires a person with high income to look after the children and spouse.

Birth control are widely practiced, and it depends on the people what they choose. Condoms can be bought in pharmacies or vending machines in many public toilets. Condoms are an important means of protection against diseases like AIDS. Women can get a prescription for not in a position of a pregnant woman from her doctor. Family planning information is available at health offices and public health departments. Abortion is legal but may only be made by doctors. The Problem of Fathers and Children Youngsters are very often difficult relationship with their parents. Eta problem is called the problem of fathers and ...
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