Class Conflict Tuition Homes Leave College Students In Debt Loan Between Paid Work And Course Work

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Class Conflict Tuition Homes Leave College Students in Debt Loan between Paid Work and Course Work

Class Conflict Tuition Homes Leave College Students in Debt Loan between Paid Work and Course Work

The General Theme

Academic stress among college students has been a topic of interest for many years this is the main theme of the paper which will be discussed. College students experience high stress at predictable times each semester due to class conflicts that affects academic commitments, and make a student to fall in to financial pressures, and lack of time management skills. When stress is perceived negatively or becomes excessive, it can affect health, academic performance, and increase debt loan between paid work and course work (Camp bell & Svenson, 1992).

University students often attempt to control and reduce their stress through avoidance, religious and social support, or positive reappraisal (Mattlin, Wethington, & Kessler, 1990; Blake & Vandiver, 1988). Leisure satisfaction and fitness activities act as stress buffers, providing a sense of purpose and competence for college students. Student academic stress is also reduced and controlled through effective time management and study techniques (Brown, 1991). Macan (1990) found those students who perceived themselves in control of their time reported greater work and life satisfactions and fewer job-induced and somatic tensions. These facts prove the general theme because they show that the students cannot balance their work life and course work due to class conflicts.

The Theoretical Paradigm

Increasing Debt Burden

The same students who are working long hours to pay their rising tuition bills are likely to rely on financial aid. Indeed, seven out of ten full-time students receive financial aid. Unfortunately, financial aid does not help as much as it once did. Pell grants are the most important needs-based aid program for low-income college students. Growing out of the War on Poverty ...
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