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Man, man of class human rational. Every human being is different from another, with a unique way of thinking and a way physical single. The cloning is a very important discovery for the progress of science and for society, but what is cloning? "This is a reproduction asexual and agamic designed to produce individuals biologically identical to the adult individual that provides equity nuclear gene "as defined in the report of "Pontifical Academic Science.” But cloning has not reached its peak, the human being... And here are several drawbacks, ethical moral and possible risks not allow scientists to conduct human cloning and really know who carries risks.

Pros and Cons of Cloning

Possibility of diseases: Scientists say Dolly the sheep suffers from several rare diseases because of their young age and make studies relevant to this is that the cell was taken to conduct this experiment came from a sheep about five years old. Imagine this problem applied to humans, and that cloning is a process that is perfected by which we could have on our societies young people suffering from ailments and diseases that are sure to get a score and affect their lives. Defects in fetuses: We have data to ensure the death of 271 fetuses for the first cloning at the Roslin Institute, in these 271 cases of deformities is spoken in many of them mentioned that a peculiar name called as the monsters. We do not think a normal human being like this come to pass in humans and is a disgusting act be killing animals, it is even more negligible in humans. (Pence. 1998)

Combination with genetic engineering: From genetic engineering and its study is known that we are a step that scientists can create what many people call babies to measure traits and characteristics of pre-determined long before birth by genetic processes that alter the development a person but this just mentioned is not a problem, this occurs when genetic engineering is combined with cloning for purposes that are not due. The biggest potential problem is the division of races as it might create a new race that would dominate the planet and although it seems a little fantasy is nothing more than to go back a few years ago when blacks were discriminated against and enslaved by whites, another well-known example is Hitler who wanted to create a new race of humans, which was higher ...
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