Cloud Computing Technology

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Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing Technology


The purpose of this comprehensive research paper on is to talk about IT service “Cloud Computing Technology”. Each and every person is talking about this new concept. Cloud computing is over hyped because it is a very old concept. This concept was introduced in the 1960's; however, it is used in a different way today. Cloud computing refers to the usage of software with the help of a browser. Google docs is a very good example of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a concept that is used in IT outsourcing.

I believe that the Cloud Computing is one of the major developments of ICT. The principle is simple: move the computer processing power and data from the workstation (fixed / mobile) to large data centers. Among the main drivers of this transformation include the ubiquity of broadband access and the falling price of storage. The rise of Web 2.0, usability and ergonomics of its online applications, is one of the most striking expressions of this development (Harding, 2011).

I perceive the importance of Cloud Computing in the sense that it is efficient and time saving because of the centralized storage, huge memory, speed processing and high bandwidth. The term cloud computing was adapted from the cloud symbol that is used in Internet flowcharts and diagrams very often. The online email services are the most simple example of cloud computing. The service is used without any special software or installation. Only Internet connection is required for using the email service.

Cloud computing enables convenient, on-demand access to shared data, applications and hardware via the Internet. Cloud computing promotes the sophisticated automation, provisioning and virtualization. It differs significantly from traditional IT models, since data and software decoupled from the underlying servers and storage systems.

The key features of cloud computing are Agility, Cost, Device and location Independence, Multi-tenancy, Reliability, Security, Maintenance, Measurability. Cloud computing can be both a private and a public cloud. A public cloud provides services to everyone on the Internet. For example, presently the leading public cloud provider is Amazon Web Service. In contrast, a private cloud is a network that provides services to a limited and a selected number of people. A virtual private cloud is the network that is created by a private service provider by using public cloud resources.

Scope of the Project

This study evaluates management's reasons for adopting mobile-cloud computing to satisfy the ...
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