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Club IT


Club is located in Atlanta; Georgia The club has had success in recent months. Ruben and Lisa want to meet with your intern to discuss the information systems currently used in the company (Rainer, 2008). The inmate, Michelle, has asked to update and improve information systems.

Case Analysis

In recent months after the opening of the company, Club, improving their systems to keep the business, such as intranet and strategy for competitive advantage. However, a recent study shows Lisa and Ruben, the owners of the company other problems or issues that require your attention: the company resources, customer relationship and supply system.

Interview Analysis

Club owners IT, Ruben Tejada Keys and Lisa followed the first recommendations to keep your business decision. Now the company continues to use the intranet system, but each employee to use their own password to view their own information. Ruben and Lisa just can check information on the company, such as sales of the company, actions, or supply. The new intranet system allows homeowners to evaluate their employees, how to manage your time and effectiveness. Customer feedback allows the owners like to know your customers and dislikes, preferences, music, food and drink preferences (Rainer, 2008).

Lisa Keys and Ruben Tejada finished college in 2000 with the hope of fulfilling his dream of opening a nightclub. Ruben and Lisa are the owners and operators of the IT Club. IT Club is a high energy nightclub that features music, dance space and a snack.

The mission statement of the Club is simple. Ruben and Lisa wants to provide a space that features live music, DJ's, dance space and snacks that lifestyle of his suit customer. Ruben and Lisa want to create a place that becomes a community of friends who are. (IT Club, nd, p. 1) The customers in the IT Club are composed of the younger generation. This is evident by the style and type of music played. The music played includes: Hip-Hop, Techno, Electronica, and MP3 and live.

The IT Club Intranet site has several functional areas that used to carry out its mission and serve its customers. The functional areas are: IT Music Club, Dining and menus, merchandise, Club IT staff, Design Club, and the Employee Portal.

The first functional area is the IT Club musical. This area provides a calendar that shows outstanding acts of each particular month. They offer a wide variety of music to suit all lifestyles and ...
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