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Collaborative teaching or having two teachers in the classroom has become a popular teaching methodology. It provides an inclusive special environment, while ensuring that the education of students, in the least restrictive environment for their IEP team's. In the co-teaching in the classroom, you usually have a general education teacher in the classroom and special education teachers. Associate professionals can also work in this setting to provide more support. (Anderson 2003)


Co-teaching has the main advantage of division of labor between the common use of resources, mutual support, to learn; and use team-based assessment and group competitions; team games create an atmosphere of social psychology to enhance the effectiveness of learning.

The purpose of co-teaching is to make learning activities in a collaborative activity. The points to be considered by teachers are:

Clear description of course objectives.

Decision before the class and arrange student learning group.

Clearly explain the operation and the target structure.

Steering effect of cooperative learning groups, timely intervention in order to provide operational assistance or to enhance interpersonal and group skills.

Evaluation of student achievement and collaboration to help students discuss their situation.

Although in collaborative teaching, the teacher is to share a common responsibility of teaching and special education teachers attend to the students with special needs with specialized differentiated lessons. In other words, special education teachers employ strategies through different teaching methods so that students with special needs and learning requirements can study along with other students in the classroom.

Planning is essential for teaching in the classroom. In middle and high school settings, special education teachers and general education teachers have the same planning time; you can also make arrangements to meet before or after school. Prior to school timings classroom teachers should meet to discuss the rules, agree on the consequences of breaking ...
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