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Applications Of Colloids

Applications of Colloids are unlimited. Colloids find its submissions in everyday life phenomena. Some of significant submissions of colloids are discussed: (Goodwin 2004:12)


Purification of water

Water comprises colloidal impurities .These impurities can be weeded out by utilising electrolyte like Alum. Alum is positively ascribed Al3+ ion which attracts contrary ascribed colloidal impurities. (Goodwin 2004:10)These neutralized particles resolve down and untainted water is decanted off.  Thus Alum is utilised to eliminate dirt and impurities present in the colloidal solution.


Food Items

Large figures of nourishment items which we use in our every day life are colloidal in nature. For demonstration, milk, dairy disperse and ice creams are colloidal in nature.



Most of the medicines are colloidal in nature. Colloidal calcium and gold are administered by injections to lift the vitality of human system. (Zsigmondy 2008:20)


Smoke Precipitation utilising Cottrell precipitator

Colloidal particles of Smoke and dirt are foremost source of contamination in large-scale developed cities. Smoke precipitation is method of precipitating fumes particles present in air.

Smoke particles are the electrically ascribed colloidal element hovering in air. To eliminate these particles from air, Cottrell precipitator is used. Cottrell precipitator values standard of electrophoreses (movement of colloidal particles under leverage of electric driven field) to weed out fumes particles. (Zsigmondy 2008:22) Air encompassing fumes and dirt particles are permitted to overtake through steel electrodes present interior Cottrell precipitator. These ascribed particles moves in the direction of oppositely ascribed electrodes and get made a down fee there from which they are cancelled mechanically.


Sewage Disposal

Dirt and grime particles are electrically charged. By applying electric driven area in waste container, dirt particles come to the oppositely ascribed electrode, get neutralized and are coagulated. These coagulated particles are hovering in answer and are effortlessly removed.


Artificial rain

Colloids find another submission in making artificial rain. Cloud comprises of ascribed particles of water dispersed in air. These particles are neutralized by squirting oppositely ascribed particles over a cloud. (Hedges 2007:8)These neutralized particles of water blend to pattern large water drops. Thus, artificial rainfall is initiated by the aggregation of minute particles of water to pattern large particles.



Colloids display some exclusive characteristics which are considered in this section.


Tyndall Effect

Tyndall discerned this occurrence in 1869. He discerned that when a beam of lightweight is permitted to overtake through a colloidal answer, the route of lightweight gets illuminated. This occurrence is renowned as Tyndall Effect. It happens because lightweight is dispersed by particles present in colloidal ...
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