Communication And Decision Making

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Communication and Decision Making

Communication and Decision Making

How do you think your top two "Strategic Processing Styles" and your "Strategic Pattern" affect your communications and decision-making at work?


Effective decision making and communication play an important role for an organization. Organizing engineering is the recent branch of organization which has helped to understand, predict, guide and measure the behavior of people. This branch was invented by Dr. Gary Salton. These behaviors help in effective decision making and help in effective communication.

Main Body

OE helps in effective information transformation. OE helps people to develop a decision strategy which helps in negotiating life. There are 2 dimensions of strategies according to which are Method (thought and action, y-axis) according to figure, Mode (patterned and un-patterned) (Daly, 1997). These strategies provide guidance to decision making and communication within the organization. OE has been studied by many philosophers who have developed views to implement them according to knowledge and experience.

Strategic Processing Styles

According to my view, the strategic processing style, which affects work, is Hypothetical Analyzer and Relational Innovator.

Hypothetical Analyzer

Strategies for any business should be well considered before they are made. All alternatives are considered before the strategy is made. Similarly, decision making also takes place side by side as without-decision making strategies cannot be made. Best possible strategies are those which are well communicated between the employees if we are considering any business. Problems can only be solved by decision making and communicating them efficiently. The level of directive and supportive behavior is based on the level of staff available. Managerial behavior occurs when one-way communication is used to specify the duties of his followers. The supportive behavior occurs when bi-directional communication is used to listen, encourage and engage their followers in decision-making. Hypothetical analyzer also encompasses each of the other components ...
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