Communication Challenge Or Decision

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Communication Challenge or Decision

Communication Challenge or Decision


Communication is perhaps the most important tool in achieving effective project coordination. Coordination and communication are closely related, but are distinct in their respective scopes. Coordination includes the broad range of project activities related to the management of the people and resources. Communication is the flow of information to support project activities, as practiced in meetings, telecommunications and written documents. In this paper, I will discuss a business problem of D-Link system inc. and decision making steps in order to resolve the issue.


In today's high tech communication environment, it is hard to believe that effective communication is still a major challenge facing organizations. Our modes of communication have come a long way from the pen and paper, smoke signals, telegraph, and pony express. Today, we enjoy the convenience of technological devices such as cell phones, computers, and faxes, which allow us to be globally connected within seconds. Yet, from the president to the pauper we have difficulty effectively communicating information. Communication is not only the basis of human thought, it is the means by which each of us develops an individual pattern of beliefs, attitudes, and values the personal attributes that bring us to understand, misunderstand, accept, or reject others who are like or unlike ourselves (Burgoon and Hale, 193-214). In that sense, communication is the foundation of an effective democratic and multicultural society. Communicating well or poorly can spell the difference between success and failure in human relationships of almost every kind. Most of us already have deeply established communication habits that serve us well or poorly and may be difficult to change. But whatever skill we may possess, we can always improve. Gaining in the ability to communicate with and influence other brings significant rewards. Communication is the act of transmitting verbal and non-verbal information and understanding between seller and buyer. The process by which information and feelings are shared by people through an exchange of verbal and non-verbal messages.

Business Problem (communication)

D-Link Systems is the international organizer in networking for the Internet. D-Link is famous for its switches and routers that control the Internet and connect networks. It also creates management software and network access servers. Even though the company is young, but it has attained a massive expansion in the last decade. (Ferrell, 1994)

The networking industry is a tremendously fast rated business. The customers are well educated about the market and extremely demanding (Eden, C, ET all 2004). They can easily switch to one of the several participants. The competition is extremely hard-hitting with more companies stirring into the networking industry. D-Link may go down because of high prices, inflexibility, overconfidence and lack of communication with its consumers. The major problem faced by the organization is communication barriers. They were lacking in communication with their end users.

On the other hand, the economic conditions are favorable and through globalization and product innovation D-Link will be able to fight its ...
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