Communication Concepts

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Communication Concepts


Communication is the integral process of mutual relationships between people. Through communication people express acquired information, thoughts, judgments, suppositions, feelings, and experiences (Burgoon and Hale, 193-214). Accurate understanding of concepts that we try to relay to each other could be challenging in multiple ways and may become a reason for misunderstanding, which will destroy business, friend, family and cultural relationships.


Communication is not only the basis of human thought, it is the means by which each of us develops an individual pattern of beliefs, attitudes, and values the personal attributes that bring us to understand, misunderstand, accept, or reject others who are like or unlike ourselves (Burgoon and Hale, 193-214). In that sense, communication is the foundation of an effective democratic and multicultural society. Communicating well or poorly can spell the difference between success and failure in human relationships of almost every kind. Most of us already have deeply established communication habits that serve us well or poorly and may be difficult to change (Hart, 1-22). But whatever skill we may possess, we can always improve. Gaining in the ability to communicate with and influence other brings significant rewards. Communication is the act of transmitting verbal and non-verbal information and understanding between seller and buyer. The process by which information and feelings are shared by people through an exchange of verbal and non-verbal messages(Leach, pp 45-83).

Communication Concepts

There are many different types of communication that both help and hurt the human race. Some of these concepts we use on an everyday basis to aid us in getting through the day. Others use some concepts that could ultimately be the reason behind why they aren't happy with the way things are going in their life (Burgoon and Hale, 193-214). Of the ten communication concepts that I have learned about, I have found out that aggressiveness, toxic communication, stereotyping, cultural nearsightedness, and use of red flag words are all things that could make your everyday life very unhappy(Burgoon and Hale, 193-214).

Aggressiveness sometimes has its upside; a really aggressive person is assertive and goes right after what they want. However, sometimes this trait can lead to bad things, such as over aggression with a sexual partner who is not ready. This type of aggression even though it may not seem bad at the time could lead to things such a rape charges. Aggressive people also tend to be very edgy, and have ...
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