Communism Collapse

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Communism Collapse

Communism Collapse


Ironically, the most vehement critics of corruption and the Russian officials are those who advocate major corruption. Suppose one can understand the nostalgia for the USSR of ordinary people. But nostalgia for the past characteristic of Russian business is, Soviet symbols, quote pad of Lenin and Stalin can be found in upscale business offices on the desks of big business. Note that while no businessman and business structures in Russia, which do not enjoy black accountants, do not be illegally taken out money in offshore accounts, in other words, do not undertake to illegal activities. By the way, I have not seen the ordinary people who have refused to receive the salary in an envelope or were willing to pay all taxes, both in the Soviet Union and in contemporary Russia(Gaidar, 2007, 102).

It should be recognized that contemporary Russian intellectuals and furious liberals, politicians and public figures have no relation to the death of communist ideology, the communist regime. Moreover, the modern value system that underlies the modern predatory merciless market, pervasive corruption, lies, hypocrisy, both the authorities and the opposition is entirely value system generation 70's, especially the former leaders of Communist organizations, the Komsomolskaya, - they and is the most modern Russian business and political elite in modern Russia (Dale, 1994, 7).

Communism, Stalin's dictatorship in the USSR died naturally - March 5, 1953. All subsequent era was a "nothingness" of Stalinism, the natural process of dying communist dictatorship. However, during this period of Soviet history has blossomed corruption, theft, dual ideology, speculation, especially in active, but covert involvement of the party's political elite - all the things that you can now call the Soviet consumer society, and accordingly, the culture of this period - Soviet postmodernism.

Membership in the Communist Party or Komsomolskaya, the closeness to the leadership of Party committees did not prevent theft and deception, but on the contrary, gave great opportunities to purchase any, I stress - of any goods and services. That generation of 70 and became the vanguard of the "struggle" for freedom and "democratic values", but it had special value and special understanding of democracy and values ??- psychology and ideology of the Soviet consumer society, the Soviet stagnation and postmodernism (Tamarov, 1992, 23).

It is these values ??have moved intellectuals, politicians, businessmen in 1991 and in the 90's. Do not fight against the Communist dictatorship and fight for the welfare of them. Criticism of the Soviet system of Stalinist communism comes from the generations who did not and could not do anything to communist or socialist ideology gone. But who did everything to the consumer ideology generation 70 was implemented on the post-Soviet space, including, in modern Russia.

Criticize Putting period of Russia - as pointless as blaming him for what he seeks in the past. He is - a brilliant representative of the 70's generation, like all current intellectuals - critics like communism and Paten's regime. In the minds of this generation quietly get on ...
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